Presenting the 1st Century Gospel to 21st Century Man.


Upcoming Gospel Meeting!

David Smitherman from Corpus Christi, TX will be with us to bring lessons from God's Word

April 23-26

Questions & Answers: "Shedding Light on Christianity"

Sunday @9:00am: How to Know I am a Disciple

Sunday @9:50am: Voices from Heaven

Sunday @5:00pm: Life's Most Important Question (NOTICE the FIVE pm time)

Monday @7:30pm: A Man of High Esteem

Tuesday @7:30pm: What Does it Mean to be "Faithful"?

Wednesday @7:30pm: What are the "First Principles"?

We are Christians, and Christians only. In our work, worship and organization we strive to be faithful to the command, “If anyone  speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God.” (1 Peter 4:11)